release tension....

just about 2 days to go before we sit for exam. so of course our powerful brain were started to store lots of fact and engineering formula. sometimes it make me crazy but for me that will be the best memory to remember for. for me, study is the best period among the life.

erm....incoincidence today seha my coursemate ask me for some fresh-air out side when my brain were really traffic to keep up more data. So about 5.30pm me, Irwan shah, Seha n Kak mas were having a ride to Kuala Perlis to relaxing our tension. Actually there were a pasar malam along the path to Sanglang. I was suprised many people spent their times together with friends or family.

Cucuk-cucuk, kentang putar and coconut drinks really suits my taste buds. sitting at the seashore watching kids playing n shouting everywhere really make me start to laugh and smile.and of course let me to leave the study matter aside. Then as usual i bring my love to take some picture since i really love to take picture everywhere.

It is nice to have fun together and release our tension together. but i realise there is another best way to release our tension which is pray to God.


ad!d0 said...

ini buat aku ingin memiliki sebijik DSLR ini. dem.

Huda Engku said...

nannnnnn....suka yg gambar pemandangan ngan kuey (ke?) dlm pinggan tu... wahhh skil da improve.. kepidappp..

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